The Committee on Diaconal Ministries (CDM)


The Committee on General Benevolence was established as a Standing Committee of the General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 1947, and renamed the Committee on Diaconal Ministries in 1973.


The purpose of the Committee on Diaconal Ministries (CDM) shall be to coordinate, stimulate, and promote the diaconal ministries of the congregations of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in those areas which are beyond the province and/or capacity of the local diaconates or presbytery diaconal committees. (From the CDM Operating Manual rev14a 180406).


Click here for the Principles of Diaconal Ministry from the CDM Operating Manual rev14a (180406).


The CDM consists of nine members elected by the General Assembly of the OPC to serve for three-year terms:
  • 4 Deacons
  • 3 Ministers
  • 2 Ruling Elders

The Work:

Much of the CDM’s work falls under five categories:
  • Aid Requests
  • Diaconal Training
  • Disaster Response
  • Missionary Deacons
  • Refugee Ministry
See CDM Subcommittees for further details.

The CDM Ministers To:

Individuals in Need:
The CDM is privileged to be able to respond to appeals for diaconal assistance for individuals in need within the OPC, using funds entrusted to it through the faithful giving of individuals and churches. In striving to follow a Presbyterian structure within the diaconate, the CDM requires that appeals for aid for individuals be presented to it only after having first been considered at the local and regional levels of the church. (From the CDM Operating Manual rev14a 180406). 
The CDM helps meet the diaconal needs of church members when the needs exceed the capacity of the local diaconate and Presbytery Diaconal Committee.
The CDM funds deeds of mercy that supplement the ministry of the Word on OPC foreign mission fields.
The CDM considers diaconal requests presented to it by sister reformed denominations.

Those Affected by Disasters:

The CDM stands ready to lead an organized and timely denominational response to major disasters at home and abroad.
The CDM participates in outreach ministries that focus on gospel witness to refugees at home and abroad.

OPC Deacons:

The CDM provides training and networking opportunities for deacons.
The CDM aids and encourages the work of Presbytery Diaconal Committees.
The CDM recruits, trains, and supports the Missionary Deacons and Doctors serving on OPC foreign mission fields.

Network of Deacons:

The network of deacons in the OPC is structured according to the Presbyterian Form of Government: denominational, regional, and local. 
The CDM strives to achieve greater communication and collaboration between itself, Presbytery Diaconal Committees, and local diaconates.
Presbytery Diaconal Committees serve local diaconates as a financial, training, and fellowship resource, as well as a liaison to the CDM.

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