Missionary Deacons

The CDM’s Missionary Deacon Subcommittee (MDS) oversees the recruitment and support of deacons serving on foreign mission fields.

Cooperative Agreement:

In reflecting upon the divinely ordained role of deacons to enable ministers of the Word to devote themselves to their calling, the CDM has concluded that it is proper and appropriate to use CDM funds to send out missionary deacons to assist missionaries in their labors on the field. The CDM has entered into a cooperative agreement with the Committee on Foreign Missions to promote the work of the church through the ministry of missionary deacons…
The Cooperative Agreement is included in the CDM Operating Manual rev14a (180406) and may be reviewed upon request.

Current Missionary Deacons:

Just completed his three-month missionary associate position 2022-23:
Jed Homan, Maintenance Manager
OP Uganda Mission in Karamoja
Dr. Flip Baardman
Clinical Director, Akisyon A Yesu Presbyterian Clinic
OP Uganda Mission in Karamoja
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by Christopher Cashen