If you are a deacon in Christ’s church, you have been called by God to a high office indeed. You serve a vital role in protecting the church’s primary calling of the ministry of the Word. You represent to the church our God’s deep concern for the poor among his people, and particularly our Savior’s own compassion toward the poor in his earthly ministry. And you have an opportunity to lead the church of Christ in adorning her witness to the world with deeds of mercy to accompany words of gospel truth. 

Take this opportunity to network with other deacons in the OPC, participate in the discussion and learn more about this amazing office that God has called you to. Deacons-in-training, elders and pastors, you are invited, too! Register before April 1, 2021 to have the $25.00 registration fee waived.

Check out our training videos from past summits, like this one: