Opportunity Amid the Pandemic

“Please rejoice with us and give praise to God! He has turned the Coronavirus crisis in to an opportunity to show the love of Christ to all we helped so far through food distribution and pray that the Lord would use the gospel declaration that we have been putting in each box for delivery to point them to Jesus Christ who is the bread of eternal life and draw them to the Worship of God at Redeemer. 

Praise God! Today was the second round of food distribution to the families of Eritrean refugees and residents in Clarkston whose family income has been affected by the pandemic. We are very thankful to the Lord for the leaders of the Eritrean Community in Clarkston for giving our ministry in Clarkston an opportunity to show the love of Christ to the needy by distributing food supplies to the families in need. In the attached pictures you will see one of the community leaders Bekhit posing for a picture with us. Before the food we prepared for distribution is taken to the homes of the families by the volunteers from the Community we talk with each recipient family over the phone to tell them who we are, pray for them and tell them why we are doing what we are doing and introduce our ministry in Clarkston and invite them to attend our online services. We do that in order to comply with the order that has been issued by the authorities to maintain social distancing.”