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Links to Online OP Church Worship Services

Are you looking for a church service to watch during the COVID-19 shutdown? David Barr, Deacon at Emmanuel OPC, Kent, WA has created a list of OP Churches that are streaming their services online. You can find the list posted in a Google sheet by clicking the button below. Instructions on how to add your church stream can be found on the Google sheet. This is a great time to hear from pastors all over the OPC. There are blessings in this trying time! Thank you, David, for this great resource! 


Refugee Ministry Update: Summer Camp

August 2019

From the August 7, 2019, edition of Home Missions Today:

CLARKSTON, GEORGIA — Chris and Grace Ann Cashen

Evangelist Chris Cashen writes, “Certain experiences over the past months have helped us marvel at the earthly ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. One of these occurred at the end of July. We were given the opportunity to take many refugee children from Brentwood Apartments to a three day summer camp. These young ones from Syria, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and the Congo were exposed to the truth of the constant presence and saving grace of the God of Scripture. They rode horses, swam, fished, canoed, and even climbed a 45’ tall ‘rock’ wall and zip-lined back down to the ground. After one of the younger children made it to the top of the wall, looking down, she burst into tears. The fear of height was so significant, this little one was paralyzed. So, Grace Ann donned a helmet and safety harness and climbed her way to the top. Once on top, Grace Ann convinced our little friend that the rope could be depended upon to get her safely back to the ground. As the children were taught, it is quite amazing that the Lord Jesus has promised to be always present with each child of God. Especially when, like Peter, we take our eyes off of Jesus and become fearful of the winds and the waves of this world, Christ reaches down and pulls us up to safety in His powerful arms. Please pray that these children would clearly see the light of Christ within our hearts as we seek to minister to them in, sometimes, unexpected ways.”

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Refugee Ministry: Open Doors for Mercy and Gospel Ministry

by Rev. Christopher Cashen, OPC Evangelist to refugees in Clarkston, Georgia (March 2019)

Following is an excerpt from an update Rev. Cashen prepared for the Committee on Diaconal Ministries and OPC Disaster Response in March 2019.

The ministry to sojourners, or those seeking refuge, continues here in Clarkston, Georgia. We praise God for the opportunities He has provided thus far.

  • We have rented an apartment in one of the many apartment complexes in Clarkston that provides a central and consistent location for ministry, and we are just beginning to appreciate its potential.
  • We have seen a noticeable increase in attendance at our elementary after-school program. Helping with homework appears to be a key to drawing children. It also allows us time to share a bible passage. Students from Syria, Afghanistan, Congo, Mexico, and Tanzania attend the program.
  • The need for those from all nations to acquire English in order to function and survive opens doors for mercy, as well as gospel, ministry. Funds have been used to reimburse travel costs, as well as purchase books, notebooks, and other supplies.