Procedure for Requesting Diaconal Assistance for Individuals in Need in the OPC


The Committee on Diaconal Ministries (CDM) is privileged to be able to respond to appeals for diaconal assistance for individuals in need within the OPC, using funds entrusted to it through the faithful giving of individuals and churches.
In striving to follow a Presbyterian structure within the diaconate, the CDM requires that appeals for aid for individuals be presented to it only after having first been considered at the local and regional levels of the church.


Requests must be submitted using the Form for Requesting Diaconal Assistance for Individuals in Need Within the OPC (“the Request Form”).
The Request Form can be printed and mailed in, or completed online and submitted electronically.
The Request Form must be submitted by a Presbytery or a Presbytery Diaconal Committee (PDC).
The CDM receives the completed Request Form with the expectation that the Presbytery or PDC has:
  1. Received the request from a session or deacon board that has determined that the need cannot be fully met within the local congregation.
  2. Examined the request and ascertained the legitimacy and extent of the need.
  3. Determined that the need cannot be fully met within the Presbytery.
  4. Participated in responding partially toward the need, if at all possible.
The Request Form should be accompanied by financial documentation that defines the need and supports the request.
The Request Form should be accompanied by a report of the Presbytery’s or PDC’s investigative work, as well as their conclusions and advice to the CDM in this matter.
The completed Request Form is received by the CDM Administrator, who will forward it to the appropriate subcommittee. If the subcommittee requires further information, the Administrator will contact the requestor for more details.
The CDM will extend diaconal assistance with the understanding that the Presbytery or PDC that made the request will provide oversight and continuing care to individuals who receive assistance from the CDM.

The Request Form

The CDM does not intend for this Request Form to be a roadblock, but rather to ensure that we receive all pertinent information so as to be able to come to a swift decision.
All answers are confidential to the CDM.
Some answers may require additional follow-up by the CDM.
You can complete the Request Form online and submit it electronically, or print it out and mail in as directed.