CDM Administrator’s Reports

The CDM established a new subcommittee, the Refugee Ministry Subcommittee, to aid in growing in our understanding and ability to minister to those who find themselves estranged from their homeland due to circumstances outside their control.  Be ready for this committee to reach out to the church for insight from those in the OPC already actively involved in the ministry to refugees.


The CDM received reports on the two active Disaster Response efforts that began since its previous meeting in March.  Those efforts are the Midland Flood Response, ministering to the families from Christ Covenant OPC in Midland, MI, and the Isaias Storm Response, ministering to a family from Grace & Peace OPC in California, MD.  To date, over $67,000 has been received designated toward the Midland Flood fund and $13,000 designated toward the Isaias Storm fund.


Seeing the Disaster Response effort coming to a close, the CDM gave thanks for each and every volunteer who has come out to serve the affected families in the Midland area and resolved to express its particular thanksgiving to the Lord for his provision of the following list of willing and able volunteers, who have provided the core of this effort:  Mike Greene, Site Coordinator; Sam Phillips, Volunteer Coordinator; Rhonda Sarafolean, Hospitality Coordinator; Steve Hill, volunteer electrician; Doug Baxter, volunteer plumber; Cary Hirdes, volunteer HVAC technician; and Rob Brinks of Reformed Missions Services, masonry and carpentry volunteer. 


The CDM has been encouraged to see more presbytery diaconal committees take on more of the direct oversight of the disasters that occur within their bounds.  The CDM has used funds to assist in equipping those committees with tools and trailers, as the need warrants.  This is a tangible manifestation of the development in the maturing of the network of deacons occurring across the denomination.


The CDM has been thankful for the response of the church to contribute toward the COVID-19 Pandemic Response Fund.  These gifts have enabled ministry to sister churches around the world, requests coming from the following countries: Bolivia, China, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Kenya, Peru, Uganda, and Uruguay.  What a wonderful occasion for the OPC to show brotherly love to sister churches, even as we have been ministered to in a similar fashion by the saints in China.


Finally, the CDM discussed the plans for the National Diaconal Summit IV, since then having had to push the dates of this event out to 2022 due to COVID-related planning concerns.  It also discussed timing for the next Presbytery Diaconal Summit.  Presbytery diaconal committees are encouraged to stay tuned for more on this.


Respectfully submitted,
David Nakhla, Administrator

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