Presbytery Diaconal Committees (PDC)

The Need for Leadership in Diaconal Ministry:

…Acts 6:1-6 makes clear the need for leadership in the mercy ministry of the Church in order to better coordinate and allocate the resources of the church for the good of those in need. The office of deacon in the local church is the primary provision for this need for diaconal leadership, but in a connectional church it is proper that this leadership also be manifested at the regional level (presbytery diaconal committees) and national level (a denominational committee on diaconal ministry) as well. (From the CDM Operating Manual rev14a 180406.)

Presbytery Diaconal Committees (PDC):

Each presbytery elects a Presbytery Diaconal Committee to serve as a liaison between the denomination’s Committee on Diaconal Ministries (CDM) and the diaconates of local churches.

Function of the PDC:

Help fund needs that exceed the resources of a local diaconate, or refer the request to the CDM on its behalf.
Facilitate communication between local diaconates.
Offer training and fellowship opportunities within the presbytery.
Encourage and coordinate participation in training and fellowship opportunities offered by the CDM.
Assist congregations that have no local deacons.
Promote the work of the CDM.
Encourage and coordinate participation in diaconal ministry opportunities within the presbytery or denomination, such as disaster response.