Recommendations for Reforming Your Presbytery Diaconal Committee (PDC)

Presented by Nathan Trice at PDS II, San Antonio, TX (November 6-7, 2014)

I. Reforms Within Your Presbytery Diaconal Committee

1. Become acquainted with your fellow committee members.

2. Educate yourself regarding diaconal ministry in the OPC.

3. Establish a pattern of committee meetings.

4. Establish a pattern of presbytery attendance.

5. Ascertain the personal investment of fellow committee members.

6. Establish a protocol for responding to diaconal needs.

7. Brainstorm regarding diaconal ministry opportunities.

II. Reforms Within Your Presbytery

1. Establish a pattern of reporting at presbytery meetings.

2. Establish contact with each of the retired ministers of the presbytery (or their widows).

3. Propose positive personnel changes to the committee.

4. Take initiative as a committee in the review of the terms of new calls.

5. Seek funding from the presbytery to maintain adequate reserves.

6. Propose appropriate changes to the by-laws.

7. Verify adequate medical insurance for all the ministers of the presbytery.

III. Reforms Within Your Regional Church

1. Introduce your committee to each of the local diaconates.

2. Educate local diaconates on the protocol for receiving diaconal assistance.

3. Establish a roll of deacons within the presbytery (with gifts inventory).

4. Disseminate diaconal ministry updates to the local diaconates.

5. Communicate diaconal needs to the local diaconate.

6. Organize diaconal seminars or conferences for the presbytery.

7. Offer assistance to congregations without diaconates.
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