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The CDM helps support OPC evangelist Christopher Cashen who was called by Redeemer OPC (Atlanta, GA) to carry out a ministry of mercy to refugees in Clarkston, GA.


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Refugee Relief: Foreign Missions at Home
by Al Tricarico

In July 2016, David Nakhla and I attended the annual Refugee Roundtable sponsored by the Refugee Highway Partnership of North America. Representatives from more than fifty churches and Christian agencies gathered in Toronto to discuss ministry in the present migrant crisis.
We learned about the many ways in which people are reaching out to refugees whose population worldwide is large and rapidly growing. Currently there are 65 million, and the number is rising at a rate of over 30,000 souls per day. 
About two-thirds of the 65 million are internally displaced. Some of the others have found their way to North America. One result of this is a growing intersection between home missions and foreign missions. The nations are coming to us. We should be ready to receive them, serve them, and bring the gospel to them.
A friend gave me this statement about personal witness: “It is ordinary people, doing ordinary things, with gospel intentionality.” That is a good statement that applies to all of our interactions. And it is an especially helpful statement to those who want to reach out to strangers.
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