Diaconal ministry is inherently local in nature, therefore the role of the CDM at the denominational level is to be a resource for deacons who serve on the regional and local levels as members of presbytery diaconal committees or local diaconates. The CDM strives to provide networking and training opportunities for those who “are called to show forth the compassion of Christ in a manifold ministry of mercy toward the saints and strangers on behalf of the church” (OPC Book of Church Order).  (From the CDM Operating Manual rev14a 180406).
On a 2-5 year rotating basis, the Committee on Diaconal Ministries (CDM) hosts National Diaconal Summits and Presbytery Diaconal Summits. Summits usually range from Thursday evening to Saturday morning, and are usually held in the Chicago area.
Diaconal Visitation

In 2019, the CDM instigated a program whereby CDM Member Christopher Sudlow arranges to visit individual OPC congregations in order to meet with their diaconates for an exchange of information and ideas.

Chris presented the first report on his findings at the Presbytery Diaconal Summit IV (PDS IV), October 10-12, 2019, Geneva, IL.
Diaconal Training Subcommittee (DTS) 

The DTS plans and executes diaconal summits and events, promotes the development of presbytery diaconal committees, provides training materials for local diaconates, and interacts with the Committee on Christian Education on overlapping matters.

  • Mr. Tim Hopper (Chairman)
  • Rev. T. Nathan Trice 
  • Rev. Christopher B. Cashen
  • Mr. Christopher A. Sudlow
  • Mr. Peter Haines